Beyond the Veil 11 Beyond the Veil (feat. Tala Al-Khudhairi)


11. Beyond the Veil (feat. Tala Al-Khudhairi)
Written by Mark Jones and Angelo Rizzo

A recently-widowed Afghan mother was not allowed in the marketplace unaccompanied, and thus had nothing to feed her hungry children. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and she ventured out alone.  She was quickly detected and beaten by an outraged man. While being struck, she somehow found the courage to stand up, lift her veil, and ask her assailant, “Sir, do you have a mother?”  At first blush, this story follows a classic victim-perpetrator narrative. Looking deeper, you may forgive outrage as a call for love. When beauty hides from nothing­­­—and only love is there to feel—you’ll see Beyond the Veil!

Tala Al-Khudhairi: vocals
Jackie Lora Jones: spoken vocals
Mark Jones: acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards and sampling
Angelo Rizzo: bass guitar, percussion, keyboards and sampling
Strings arranged by Mark Jones

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