Heaven and Earth 04 Searching for Spirit


4. Searching For Spirit
Written by Mark Jones and Angelo Rizzo

All things of the earth are elusive. Being a seductive mistress, she beckons you lift her veil as it slips through your fingers like water over land. Seek for everything and satisfaction remains just out of reach. Across the planet we call earth, we find many expressions of the One Source. We give the expressions a thousand names — echoes in a clock tick of eternity. Great countries such as Japan, India, Britain, America rise and fall on her surface. As thought pushes into form, music emotes the feeling of creation. Retrace the journey; Spirit is always found at the Source, unchanged and eternal.

Orchestrated by Mark Jones
Drums and percussion arranged by James Scott Britton
Mark Jones: keyboards and sampling
Angelo Rizzo: guitar
James Scott Britton: drums and percussion

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