Sound Healing

All things—your bodies, planets, absolutely everything—are waveforms. If you choose this particular way of looking at Reality and superimpose that view over the reality of the harmonics of music (an aspect of sound), we can begin to talk about different dimensions.

The dimensional levels are nothing but differing base-rate wavelengths. The only difference between this dimension and any other is the length of its basic waveform. It’s just like a television or radio set. When you turn the dial, you pick up a different wavelength. Then you get a different image on your TV screen or a different station on your radio. It’s exactly the same for dimensional levels.

This universe — and by that I mean all the stars and atoms going infinitely out and infinitely in forever—has a base wavelength of about 7.23 centimeters. You can pick any spot in this room and go infinitely in or infinitely out forever within this particular universe. In a spiritual sense this 7.23-cm wavelength is Om, the Hindu sound of the universe. Every object in this universe produces a sound according to its construction. Each object makes a unique sound. If you average the sounds of all the objects in this universe, this third dimension, you would get this 7.23-cm wavelength, and it would be the true sound of Om for this dimension.

From the book “Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” by Drunvalo Melchizedek