About Premium Tuning Forks

Unweighted Tuning ForksOur premium tuning forks are superior quality aluminum alloy forks designed by Artist-in-Resonance, Randy Masters. Ideal for sound healing professionals/practicioners and those requiring the finest harmonic quality and accuracy.

These special Universal Song tuning forks assist people in becoming more attuned to our magnificent universe and its vibratory nature.  It is like saying to the universe “ let me hear and feel you more closely as we play the Music of the Spheres”.

These tuning forks are very unique in that they are backed by years of scientific and historical research into the unified field of sound, Sacred Geometry, color, ancient music traditions, and the harmonic proportions found in nature.

Many people love to sing and tone with the tuning forks.  Others like to use them on and around their body, often by placing them on or near acupressure or meridian points and chakra points.  The tuning forks are made of a special sonically improved and polarized aluminum alloy.  They are superior for their ability to deliver superb tone quality, lengthy sustain, and beautiful harmonic overtones.  Aluminum is chosen for its tonal beauty and quality of sound.  It’s sustain is significantly longer than steel forks made to the same pitch.  In addition, aluminum is undisturbed by electromagnetic interference.  Leading edge science recognizes the multi-dimensional interface characteristics of certain aluminum alloys.

Weights, or Resonators, enhance the production and delivery of solid and deep fundamentals.  These tuning forks produce a minimum of additional overtones because they emphasize the fundamentals.

Universal Song’s unweighted tuning forks are for an overall range from 256 Hz to 5,000 Hz. Our unweighted forks use a proprietary prepared alloy of aluminum and give off wonderful overtones and harmonics.

Our tuning forks use a special grade of space industry aluminum that is harder than most aluminum and can be sounded to give off more overtones and harmonics, thus a more beautiful tone.  Not all aluminum is created equal.  We use the very best special aluminum, a very precise temperature control when tuning them at the manufacturer’s and each fork is custom made and hand tuned individually with very special scientific equipment that can be sensitive to 5 decimal places of accuracy as opposed to mass manufacturing and only one decimal place.  All of our forks come in custom made cloth pouches to any specification.  We can make forks from 32 Hz all the way up to about 5,000 Hz, with 4096 Hz, C being the highest note on an 88 key piano when middle C is 256 Hz.

Unweighted: 256 Hz to 5000 Hz:  $49.95
Weighted: 64 Hz to 256 Hz:  $55.95
Weighted: 32 Hz to 64 Hz:  $59.95