Beyond the Veil 07 Acceptance: A Time to Surrender


7. Acceptance: A Time to Surrender
Written by Angelo Rizzo and Mark Jones

Acceptance. A place in Time. A Willingness. A need for Healing, void of all Resistance. Clear, with Hope. I move by letting go of ALL that is…only to find Peace. Acceptance.

When will we stop fighting? When will we stop the resistance? How many of us continue to push up against the situations and people in our lives, never to find peace or a solution to what we search for. Only in allowing, (acceptance) do we find the true answer, the way out. Surrendering our ideas, beliefs, thoughts we move to a place of peace, serenity and calm only to find our connection to all there is. This is now the time to Surrender.

Jackie Lora Jones: vocals
Angelo Rizzo: piano, percussion, keyboards and sampling
Mark Jones: piano, keyboards and sampling

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