Heaven and Earth 03 Chante Ishta


3. Chante Ishta (The One Eye of the Heart)
Written by Angelo Rizzo and Mark Jones

We walk, then we talk, we move through life with the grace of a thousand smiles. When we see all roads, beginning and ending, converge at the One Source we look through the one eye of the heart, chante ishta. Walk well, my friend, my brother, my sister and know it is I who awakens to find you in eternity.

Begin each day with a prayer. Honor yourself as the magnificent creation you are. Honor your Creator. Be perfect as your Creator made you. Look on your brother and sister with compassion and as sure as the sun rises you will see your heart in theirs. Sing your song of love to those who have lost their voice. Open your eyes only for the light and you will see them shine with spirit vision. I look on you and bless you, brother and sister, through the one eye of the heart, chante ishta.

Strings arranged by Mark Jones
Mark Jones: guitars, keyboards and sampling
Angelo Rizzo: guitars, drums and percussion
Nate Teagle: djembe

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