Springlife “Lifeforce” Polarizer Pendant


The Springlife Lifeforce stainless steel polarizer pendant is a wearable version of the Springlife Polarizer. Also known as the “silver bullet” these pendants include a basic chain.

**Note on Polarizer products: Material and manufacturing shortages continue, but we ARE slowly receiving new products from the manufacturer (NOT including pendants) and are taking back orders again. Thank you for your patience in these uncertain times.

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Springlife polarizers have been widely used around the world for over forty years. These polarizers, designed by Randy Masters, are 1 & 9/16 inches based on the Lifeforce wavelength that is between 63 and 64 cm. They are made of surgical stainless steel and filled with the polarizer formula, the same as all Springlife Polarizers. They are called polarizers because the proprietary blend of special minerals and Earth substances soaks up specific wavelengths of cosmic radiation and then amplifies it. When this happens, toxic substances are usually re-polarized, meaning their toxic vortex patterns are neutralized.

What are they? All Springlife Polarizers are best described as antennas that attract amplified chi (life-force) energy which originates from Universal Source. This energy bombards the Earth plane at a 45-degree angle and is the sustenance of all life. Polarizers are the formulation of just the right mixture of plants and mineral substances. This formulation is the attracting factor of the Springlife Polarizer. The polarizer containers are tuned resonant cavities employing the use of sacred geometry and energy field research.

How do polarity products work? They are energy attractors which polarize energy fields that produce negative toxic effects. For example, when a substance is toxic or damaged, the natural vortex is reversed. By polarizing this substance, it is no longer detrimental to the environment or to the physical body. According to Sir Lawrence Bragg, Nobel Prize Winner, “life on the planet can be described as oriented to the right, and man is like a ‘right handed cork-screw.” Any ‘left-handed cork-screw orientation’ would be poisonous to him.” Dr. Reuben states, “that a compound with the same formula can be poisonous if the polarization is to the left and non-poisonous if the polarization is to the right. Thus, if you change the polarization of man-made energy fields and the products produced by the machines that utilize this energy, toxins and dangerous by-products can become neutralized.” (It should be noted that this spin is reversed in the southern hemisphere.) Examples of counter vortexes in nature are hurricanes and tornadoes. These forces are not in synergy with normal energy patterns, consequently they create catastrophic results. Dis-eases are the result of electrons chronically spinning in a direction counter to healthy body tissues.

How do polarizers differ from magnets? Magnets attract electromagnetic fields created by the north and south poles of the Earth. Springlife Polarizers attract beneficial cosmic radiation that originates beyond the planet Earth.

Directions for use: Wear on or near the body (in a pocket or purse) during waking hours. Hold polarizers for two minutes above substances you wish to neutralize. Place polarizers on or near electrical appliances or computers in your home or office.

Possible Uses:

  • Helps neutralize harmful radiations (TV’s, microwaves, computers, power lines)
  • Helps neutralize harmful cosmetic and personal care products
  • Helps detoxify foods and drinks, and restore flavor
  • Helps reduce harmful effects of chlorine, tobacco, caffeine, pesticides, medication
  • Helps synergize the home or office environment
  • Helps protect and polarize the body from toxins and allergens
  • Helps increase emotional stability and well-being
  • Helps increase personal and physical energy

The Springlife Lifeforce stainless steel polarizer pendant is a wearable version of the Springlife Polarizer. Also known as the “silver bullet” these pendants include a basic chain.


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