Otto 128 hz Premium Tuning Fork


“Otto” alludes to osteophonic tuning forks, which implies utilizing sound to vibrate bones. The Otto C = 128 hz tuning fork may also help:

  • relieve tension in muscle and connective tissue
  • relieve muscle spasms
  • relieve pain
  • relax constricting muscle and connective tissue improving circulation
  • promote increased blood flow to skin, hair and other bodily tissues
  • relieve shock and trauma by balancing the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
  • assist in the healing of bones and other connective tissues

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“Otto” alludes to osteophonic tuning forks, which implies utilizing sound to vibrate bones.

The Otto 128 hz tuning fork adjusts the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which contains the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nervous systems. In some cases one can stall out in a Sympathetic nervous system cycle, which is regularly caused by shock or trauma. This response is known as the “fight or flight” reaction. The Otto 128 can permit the stuck Sympathetic Nervous System to discharge, cue the body to move into the “rest and relax” Parasympathetic Nervous System, and permit the typical suitable free passage between the sensory systems.

Research demonstrates that the Otto 128, used correctly, boosts nitric oxide allowing healthy functioning body systems and facilitating tissue healing. Nitric Oxide enables the body to delicately move into the Parasympathetic “rest and relax” mode making an ideal situation for body cells to work and mend.

Instructions for USE: For adjusting the ANS, utilize the Otto 128 (or Otto 64) by setting the vibrating fork’s stem end on the sacrum. Also effective when put on the rib heads, thorasic vertebrae, sternum, and illiums (aka the “hip” bones). The Otto 128 is utilized to recuperate bone tissue, as well as any connective tissue. Two activated 128 Ottos held a couple of inches from the ears make a wonderful supported low tone which is beneficial for grounding and relaxation. Tune a solitary point just a few times per day and just 2 times on each point, or the helpful nitric oxide may diminish instead of increment.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: DO NOT utilize the Otto 128 directly on a broken or cracked bone, as this can bring about additional bone harm. Alternatively, utilize the Otto 128 tuning fork on a zone nearby to increment nitric oxide and help tissue regeneration. Medical staff frequently utilize the Otto 128 to analyze broken bones and neuropathy.


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