111 Hz Cell Rejuvination Standard Tuning Fork


111 Hz is associated with the production of endorphins. This healing frequency assists in cell rejuvenation and regeneration. By producing endorphins, 111 Hz relieves pain and elevates mood. It can increase feelings of overall well-being, empathy, and improves focus and memory. Try using it for a facial treatment to restore youth and vigor!
Useful for:
  • Pain relief
  • Increased empathy
  • Improved memory
  • Cell regeneration
  • Endorphin production
  • Mood elevation

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111 hz may stimulate the body’s own beta-endorphin production, aid in addiction recovery, regenerate cells, and is a solfeggio difference tone.

Beta-endorphins are simply ‘built-in morphine’ or a painkiller that the body manufactures—about 100 times more effective than morphine. The euphoric feelings generated by endorphins, including ‘runner’s high’, are believed to play a role in all addictions, substance or otherwise. Opiates (morphine, heroin) and synthetic derivatives overload the body’s production of normal endorphins. When you don’t have it you get aches and pains, withdrawal, stomach cramps, nausea, insomnia, etc.

It commonly takes one to three weeks for the body’s own production capacity to return. Beta-endorphins are stimulated with a pulse repetition rate of between 90 and 111 hertz. In lab rat studies, within 40 minutes of the time [111 hz] was applied, the brain’s ability to produce it’s own neuro-transmitters [endorphins] had been rehabilitated and within three to five days it had reached normal.—from The Beck Protocol by Robert C. Beck, D. SC.

Application of the 111 hz tuning fork may help jump start the body’s own endorphin production.



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